November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Today has one simple message: be thankful. No matter what your situation, it is always good to look back on experiences that allowed you to grow and to be  hopeful for the future. With this in mind, we took some time to reflect on what we are most thankful for from this past year & wanted to share!

Katie: I am Thankful for...

Graduating from the University of Arizona (The best school in the PAC-10, non-negociable)
& My family's undying support the past 4 years 

This guy.
5+ years with Ryan and we still feel like we did in high school. Both of us moving back home after college (ending our long distance) was a cherry on top.

That being said, moving back to my home town Chicago, permanently! 

My big Italian family. They may be crazy at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Brittani: I am Thankful for:

I know this may be a cliche, but I am beyond thankful for my family (including my boyfriends family)! Each year it amazes me how much closer we get, especially this year with the youngest ones going off to college for the first time.

I wish there was an infinite collage that could be made to showcase my amazing friends. They're all amazing and extremely supportive. I am thankful that even though they're all across the country I've gotten to see so many of them this past year.

Matt has been such an amazing support system to me, even 790 miles away in New York. I am thankful to have had him as my best friend for over 6 years and my boyfriend for almost 2!

Last but not least, I am thankful for The John Marshall Law School. This past year has just reassured me that I made the right decision to pursue my dreams of becoming a lawyer. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones!

Xx Katie & Brittani

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November 25, 2013

Lady in Lace

I can't believe its Monday already, the weekend went by way too fast! I'm officially on thanksgiving break which means I'm halfway done with law school classes (wait what?!?). Before going into a study hibernation for finals I wanted to get dressed up and have a night out on the town. 

The lace detailing in my top makes it one of my favorites; I think it gives it a little extra flare to make you stand out in a crowd. In order to add some color (however subtle it is), I went with a darker blue skinny jean. Currently, I am having a love affair with skinny jeans (nbd). When shopping for the perfect skinny, be sure you have patience, you may need to try on a few pairs & brands. If you're a petite it can be especially difficult, but I've found that Aqua, J Brand, and Rich & Skinny fit me well.

Try not to let the red soles on my shoes fool you, I am not wearing Louboutin's. These Bucco beauties were one of my Hautelook deals that I love. The chunky heel makes them comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus, you can never have too many shoes ;)

Have a great week and get excited for Turkey Day!
Xx Brittani

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November 22, 2013

Thanksgivukkah Gift Guide: For Her

Happy Friday all! Since I tried to help out last minute shoppers yesterday on gift ideas for him, today is all about helping find gifts for her!  

For Her


Pictured above are a few of my favorite things I own that I've either purchased myself or received as a gift that I think are definite crowd pleasers. 

Shop These Presents
Fossil Stella Watch (Both Black and White)
R.H. Macy & Co. Love Knot Earrings (similar)

As a woman, I know one of the gifts I love to receive is any kind of jewelry. If you want to stay within a certain budget, Nordstrom & Macy's offer filtered gift guides on their websites to search for ideas in that price range. Also, their staff is extremely helpful and knowledge so if you go in to their stores they'll be more than happy to help you find that perfect gift! My other go to jewelry sources are David Yurman and Alex Mika. Both offer gorgeous pieces in a wide range of price options.

If you are trying to get a gift for a music lover then Frends is the way to go. They created the first line of stylish headphones directed towards women. I love the glitz and glam on them. If you don't want the large size "Taylor" they offer a medium size "Layla" or earbuds "Ella". Each style comes in different color selections to fit any girls needs.

If you want to go the more personalized route there are options for you as well. Besides a life planner from Erin Condren (mine is such a life saver!), you can get a message in a bottle made for her, a monogrammed necklace, a custom photo book, and much more!

Don't think sports game tickets are just great gifts for men! Ladies love getting tickets to their favorite teams games as well (go Blackhawks & beardown Chicago Bears!).  Ticketmaster and StubHub! are great for finding tickets. 

All of these gift ideas have a vast price range and can be given to girlfriends, fiancees, wives, best friends, moms, aunts, nanas (grandmas), sisters, you name it!

Have a great weekend!

Xx Brittani

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November 21, 2013

Thanksgivukkah Gift Guide: For Him

For my fellow Hanukkah celebrators (or those attending a holiday party!), I  have compiled a Thanksgivukkah gift guide to help out last minute shoppers this weekend. This year, the first night of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving (so rare!), hence the name Thanksgivukkah! Seeing as that's in exactly one week, here are my favorite (eight, in light of the eight days of Hanukkah) gift ideas for the men in your life:

For Him

Let's start with 1, 2, 4 & 5: More personalized gifts for him are never a bad idea. Things Remembered has a great selection of gifts that can be engraved with whatever you want on it. My personal favorite novelties are the flask, beer mugs, & Valet box. You can also create a custom photo book to display all of your great memories together. 

3 & 6 focus on your music lovers: Beats by Dre or Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling headphones are a great gift idea for the music techy man who wants the best sound, or who is very into his music.

7 calls for sports: We know not to disturb our guys while they're watching their favorite sports game (and we sometimes have to act interested) but why not show your support for something he loves by taking him to watch his favorite sports team live? or Ticketmaster are great options for finding deals on sports games near you.

8: If the guy you're shopping for is a golf lover, I have discovered the perfect gift for them! It's called the Golf Club Kooler Klub. It looks identical to an actual golf club in their golf bag, and it keeps whatever drink they want warm or cooled. Perfect to keep beer or water cold while on the golf course without weighing down their bag. (Also allows them to be a little more discrete) 

9, 10 & 11: Guys don't wear as much jewelry as us girls, but you can't go wrong with a new watch. My favorites are: the Burberry Swiss Stainless Steel Watch, the Fossil Townsman Chronograph Leather Watch, and the Michael Kors Oversize Two-Tone Mercer Chronograph. All of them are in different looks and price ranges depending what you think your man will love to wear.

In my opinion, it is much harder to buy a gift for him, but I have picked out some that have been known to be a crowd pleaser in the past. All of these gift ideas have a vast price range and can be given to boyfriends, fiancés, husbands, Dads, Uncles, Grandpas, Brothers, you name it! 

Happy little Friday (Thursday)!

Xx Brittani

November 20, 2013

Fall Fashion to Winter Wear

This week I'm feeling a full transition from fall to winter happening here in Chicago (it was 25 degrees out this morning!) I cannot say that I am taking an immediate liking to it. However, the transition from fall fashion to winter wear is a no brainer. I've slowly began incorporating warmer elements such as this faux fur vest (similar style here), as well as, a great pair of booties (a go-to in colder weather.)

My color palate has also been changing to darker shades, in order to embrace (as much as I fight it) winter weather. The warm taupe booties contrast the cooler dark black and brown colors in my top and pants. Winter doesn't mean less vibrancy, but it's nice to feel calm and cozy when the weather is dreary. I am also a firm believer in mixing browns with blacks, the warm and cool contrast is great for this time of year! 

I know I will definitely be missing these amazing fall colors (and warmth) in the weeks to come! Here's to hoping everyone can stay warm!

Xx Katie

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Vest: Joseph A Faux Fur sweater vest
Long Sleeve Shirt: Victoria's secret in black
Jean Leggins: Express (Pitch Blac)
Booties: Crown Vintage (DSW)

November 18, 2013

How To: Styling Wand Curls

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to showcase a basic hair curling technique that can be easily done for any party or special occasion. Brittani's use of a clip free styling wand allows all of the control to be in the hair dresser hands, giving you freedom to achieve your ideal curl type. Our in-depth tutorial should help with every step needed to create a great loose hair curl! 

The Essentials:

Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray (any extra hold hair spray will do)

*Any household hair clip will do, as long as it can hold up to a handful of hair* 


The Style Wand creates perfect loose curls in 18 (in-depth) steps:

1. Section the hair so that the bottom half is down and the upper is tucked away in the hair clip. (depending on how thick or thin your hair is will determine how much hair you leave unclipped)

2. Grab a section of the hair that is not clipped up, I usually go with about an inch thick. Spray that whole section with the extra hold hair spray.

3. Hold the curling wand at a slight angle near the section you just hair sprayed.

4. Begin to wrap the section of hair around the curling wand. Remember to always wrap the hair around the wand in the direction going away from your face. 

5. Finish wrapping the hair around the wand going away from your face. Keep the hair wrapped for 5-10 seconds (depending on how hot the wand is). Be careful not to burn your fingers. Most wands come with a glove, I recommend wearing it until your comfortable enough with your technique to not burn yourself. 

6. Release the hair from the wand. You want the curl to look tighter than your ideal end result because it will fall a little.

7. Continue to make 1 inch sections of uncurled hair. Remember to use hair spray on those sections before wrapping it around the curling wand. 

8. Continue to wrap those sections of hair sprayed hair around the curling wand. Make sure that you are wrapping the hair around it away from your face.

9. Once that unclipped hair is all curled, spray with hair spray. 

10. Take your hair out of the clip and repeat step 1 to section more of the hair that needs to be curled. 

11. This is what your hair should look like when one half is done. Note how the curls are gong away from Katie's face. This is key because you want the curls to look uniform on both sides of your face. 

12. After curling that section of hair, release the rest of your hair from the clip to start working on the top section of your hair. 

13. When curling the hair close to the front of your face, don't start wrapping the hair from near your scalp. Start a little further away so the curl shapes your face. 

14. Continue curling the rest of your hair. Again, make sure you are wrapping it in a direction away from your face. 

15. Smile because your done with the curling wand! :) This is what the front of your hair should ideally look like.

16. Spray your head with hair spray to keep those curls in tact. If you want tight looking curls then your done, but if you want looser or beachy looking curls (our go to look) continue on to the next two steps.

17. Use your fingers to brush through the curls. This breaks up the tightness of the curls and breaks up the sectioned looked of each curl. 

18. Keep brushing your fingers through all of your hair to loosen up the curls until you get the desired looseness look you want. The more you brush your fingers through your hair the more beachy your curls will look. If you think you've made them too loose, don't be afraid to put your curling wand back on and re-curl a few strands.

(The time it takes to finish depends on experience & heating tools, don't be discouraged if it takes a while the first time, you're still learning!)


We hope this tutorial helps you get the curled hair look you desire! If you encounter any problems or have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have a fabulous Monday!

Xx Brittani and Katie

November 15, 2013

Rad in Flowers

Happy Friday all! After a long busy week I know I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with my boyfriend who will be in town from New York (*happy dance*). Now onto my rad babe meets flower child look:

 This summer my good friend Alex told me a That Madonna Girl Halo was necessary in my life. And boy was she right! These halos bring out my inner flower child and are a great accessory for many occasions (they were just featured in Elle Magazine as the hottest hair trend, Congrats Michelle!). 

While attending Lollapalooza this summer, I learned that Michelle Madonna (Halo creator) held a pop up shop in Chicago selling her halos and obviously had to check it out. This led me to being introduced to another great brand, Rad and Refined, created by celebrity stylist Jacqueline Rezak, because they were also selling their Radbands there (dying for a pair!).

Jacqueline's Rad and Refined pieces were just what I have always been looking for to add a little edge and fun to the regular everyday basics in my wardrobe. I am always looking for clothes that can do this, so being introduced to Jacqueline's designs was like hitting the jackpot!

Browsing Rad and Refined’s website I came across this basic white long sleeve top with a graphic on the back that adds great flare, and speaks to my personality. Not only does the back have flowers on it, it also has a saying written on it with a twist on one of my favorite songs (which I may or may not be ashamed to admit).

I love the song “Bad to the Bone” but that phrase has such a masculine feel to it. Naturally, the second I saw the shirt said “Rad to the Bone” I knew I had to make it mine (so much more feminine)!

The pink flowers on the back was a perfect way to incorporate my Dani Halo.

To keep my look more casual I threw on my new pair of black jeggings and a pair of riding boots. These pieces finished off my rad babe, edgy, flower child, fall look that I am absolutely in love with!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

Xx Brittani

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Jeggings: True Religion
Halo: That Madonna Girl - The Dani 
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Sunnies: Chloé