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November 18, 2013

How To: Styling Wand Curls

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to showcase a basic hair curling technique that can be easily done for any party or special occasion. Brittani's use of a clip free styling wand allows all of the control to be in the hair dresser hands, giving you freedom to achieve your ideal curl type. Our in-depth tutorial should help with every step needed to create a great loose hair curl! 

The Essentials:

Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray (any extra hold hair spray will do)

*Any household hair clip will do, as long as it can hold up to a handful of hair* 


The Style Wand creates perfect loose curls in 18 (in-depth) steps:

1. Section the hair so that the bottom half is down and the upper is tucked away in the hair clip. (depending on how thick or thin your hair is will determine how much hair you leave unclipped)

2. Grab a section of the hair that is not clipped up, I usually go with about an inch thick. Spray that whole section with the extra hold hair spray.

3. Hold the curling wand at a slight angle near the section you just hair sprayed.

4. Begin to wrap the section of hair around the curling wand. Remember to always wrap the hair around the wand in the direction going away from your face. 

5. Finish wrapping the hair around the wand going away from your face. Keep the hair wrapped for 5-10 seconds (depending on how hot the wand is). Be careful not to burn your fingers. Most wands come with a glove, I recommend wearing it until your comfortable enough with your technique to not burn yourself. 

6. Release the hair from the wand. You want the curl to look tighter than your ideal end result because it will fall a little.

7. Continue to make 1 inch sections of uncurled hair. Remember to use hair spray on those sections before wrapping it around the curling wand. 

8. Continue to wrap those sections of hair sprayed hair around the curling wand. Make sure that you are wrapping the hair around it away from your face.

9. Once that unclipped hair is all curled, spray with hair spray. 

10. Take your hair out of the clip and repeat step 1 to section more of the hair that needs to be curled. 

11. This is what your hair should look like when one half is done. Note how the curls are gong away from Katie's face. This is key because you want the curls to look uniform on both sides of your face. 

12. After curling that section of hair, release the rest of your hair from the clip to start working on the top section of your hair. 

13. When curling the hair close to the front of your face, don't start wrapping the hair from near your scalp. Start a little further away so the curl shapes your face. 

14. Continue curling the rest of your hair. Again, make sure you are wrapping it in a direction away from your face. 

15. Smile because your done with the curling wand! :) This is what the front of your hair should ideally look like.

16. Spray your head with hair spray to keep those curls in tact. If you want tight looking curls then your done, but if you want looser or beachy looking curls (our go to look) continue on to the next two steps.

17. Use your fingers to brush through the curls. This breaks up the tightness of the curls and breaks up the sectioned looked of each curl. 

18. Keep brushing your fingers through all of your hair to loosen up the curls until you get the desired looseness look you want. The more you brush your fingers through your hair the more beachy your curls will look. If you think you've made them too loose, don't be afraid to put your curling wand back on and re-curl a few strands.

(The time it takes to finish depends on experience & heating tools, don't be discouraged if it takes a while the first time, you're still learning!)


We hope this tutorial helps you get the curled hair look you desire! If you encounter any problems or have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have a fabulous Monday!

Xx Brittani and Katie

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