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January 21, 2014

Room Reflections

Since moving back home from college, I have been in a weird transition period. Being put back into my child hood home after being on my own for four years has say the least. Although I called this bedroom home for 18 years, coming back to it felt awkward and as if I were living in the past. To make it more my own again, I decided to do a little re-decorating. I created a vision around some of my old furniture and wall colors and switched out accents to make it more me, the me I am now. I love how a nautical theme can feel fresh and warm, so I used coral and navy blue for my vision in this upgrade.

I brought in some mirrored furniture to open up the room a bit (it was really the only investment I made in this upgrade). I feel it's nice to not have all of your furnishings match and have the exact same style as to create uniqueness. 

On my desk, I displayed a few of my favorite accessories, that I often use, as decor pieces. (and for easy accessibility for when I run out of the house in a hurry) 

I found this chair (a darker more worn out brown wood than it is pictured here) and reupholstered and painted it white to match my nautical coral and blue theme. I added a small back pillow for added comfort (thanks to Kate Spades lovely nautical accent pieces I discovered back when I was at school)

I kept the theme going to my night stand and Bed. The print used on my duvet feels fun and ties in my blue accent wall. I decided on an accent wall to add dimension to my room. Having all four walls be that dark would have made it seem like a cave (and seriously would've made it hard to get out of bed in the morning). However, having them all stay grey would've be so bland. A compromise of leaving the grey and painting the blue gave me the best of both worlds.

My head board doesn't quite reach above my pillows, so I created an illusion of a longer headboard by using canvas squares that I stapled fabric to. It tied into my color theme and elongated my bed frame.

As for extra storage, I doubled my dresser as a place to keep clothing and as consul for my TV. To make it more personal (since I can't get enough of taking pictures) I framed it in original photos I had taken and added more mirrors as accents. 

Because I didn't have a terribly large budget, I worked around a lot of what I already had (using picture frames and accessories I had at college) and created elements like my chair and headboard that I didn't have to invest too much money in. Although it's still a work in progress, It was a simple quick fix that drastically changed the look and feel of my space. 

Xx Katie

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