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March 14, 2014

Cocktail Is Served

Today we're serving up the details on our new fragrance obsession: Cocktail! We had the honor of speaking with the fabulous creator and CEO Gigi. Her story is as amazing as her products. Whats better than a designer fragrance without the designer costs?! Not much, so this is pretty much a win win in our book. Find out Gigi's story and more about her products below:

The Story Behind Cocktail

Gigi has worked in the cosmetic and fragrance industry for over 30 years. At the time the recession hit she was working for Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. This is where she realized the average consumer couldn't afford a high end fragrance. So one day she said to herself "One day I'm going to create one with the same high end ingredients at half the cost of what you'd pay at Saks, Neimans, Bloomingdales, etc." And thats exactly what she did! One year and 6 tweaks to the scent later Cocktail began being served! 

Whats even better? She donates part of her profits to a charity near and dear to her and her family's hearts: CURED. This charity raises money for children who are unable to eat (because of certain diseases they have). Gigi's basically a rockstar in our book! So we were curious, and asked her why the name cocktail. Her answer for us was simply "most people think of a 'cocktail' as an alcoholic beverage; however, its merely a mixture of different ingredients to create an amazing final product." Well bravo Gigi, because thats exactly what Cocktail is and its positively intoxicating! ;). 

COCKTAIL Eau De Parfum

Curious about the scent of this amazing fragrance? Well Gigi broke it down for us. This fragrance is infused with sensuous violet for a provocative top note, warmed by jasmine that joyfully caresses your heart and finally made irresistible with its seductive amber bottom note. The scent is long lasting and we guarantee you'll always get complements on it (we do!). 


A little over a year after the Cocktail Eau De Parfum Gigi expanded her scent into more products. The Bubbletini Shower Gel was one of them. First of all, how cute is the fact that Gigi is the one sitting atop the martini bubble bath?! This shower gel is a silky, satiny, moisturizing gel that allows you to spoil yourself. Its lightly scented, paraben free and infused with the same natural oils as the eau de parfum. Its perfect for a relaxing bubble bath or to just use when taking a shower.


This lotion is a luscious, moisturizing, non-greasy body lotion that fully allows you to pamper yourself. Like the shower gel, it is lightly scented, paraben free and infused with the same natural oils as the eau de parfum. As a plus, it was created so the amazing cocktail scent stays with you all day long. You can wear it by itself, or add the eau de parfum over it with a stronger scent. Regardless of which way you wear it, you won't be disappointed. The lotion also contains aloe, mineral oil, and sesame oil that is sure to soothe and nourish you skin.


Now this is amazing. The Rollertini is made with a state of the art silver rollerball and dispenses a generous amount of fragrance. And the best part, its refillable! It contains the same amazing sent of Cocktail, but is small enough for you to take it with you in your purse, for traveling, or in your gym bag. It also is the perfect for a gift.

Gigi's Cocktail line of products is definitely a must have. Its been featured in several magazines, and is already in over 80 boutiques (including RONROBINSON | Fred Segal in LA!). If you want to purchase this high end fragrance at half the designer cost head over to her website And be sure to follow her on instagram, twitter, and Facebook.

Enjoy your weekend! We know we'll be enjoying some cocktails wearing cocktail

Brittani & Katie

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