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March 17, 2014


Eight-y-six [ey-tee-six] (verb slang) - to reject; to discard; to dispose of something or someone

As many people can probably relate, being a 20 something comes with its fair share of life changing obstacles thrown our way. We’ve all been there. Love, heart ache, you name it, its all a part of life. But the most important part of these challenges is the life lessons you learn along the way. Best selling author Emily Belden was able to take the challenges she’s faced and turn it into an edgy little Chicago-based memoir. And let us just tell you, her best selling book “Eightysixed: Life Lessons Learned” is amazing and addictive. As you probably saw on our instagram about 2 weeks ago, we recently started reading her book.  We literally read it cover to cover in less than 48 hours. We couldn’t put it down! We probably would have finished it quicker if we didn’t have to take breaks to eat and sleep.

Emily does an excellent job of capturing what its like to be a girl trying to navigate her 20’s in Chicago. It’s as if Bridget Jones were a Chicago foodie with bad dating habits (as Emily herself puts it). Picture a modern day twist on those old fashioned love stories. It will make you laugh, cry, and even do a double take going ‘wait did this actually happen?!’. And the answer to that is yes, yes it did. Emily took her love life, break ups, and blog and turned it into a best selling Women’s Memoir. And I promise you, you NEED to get your hands on a copy (you’ll thank me after). 

We asked Emily "What inspired you to turn your life into a memoir?" She said "I started writing 'Eightysixed' long before it was ever Eightysixed. It began as more of a 'Dear Diary' to help me get through a terrible break-up and all the laughable accoutrements that went along with heartbreak. At some point the experience became so outlandish and unbelievable, I realized 'This could be a book!'. So I made it one!"

We also asked "How long did it take for the whole process to be done and the book published?" Emily told us "Since I wrote the story as it went along, the process took about 3 years from when I started to when I stumbled upon my perfect ending. It then took 1.5 months to shop to a publisher. I sold it in May of 2013 and the book became available on shelved February 6th. So, about 4 years, all-in."

Now that you know a little about Emily and her best selling memoir, we have a 30% off promo code just for you! Enter code QF73U when purchasing Emily’s book on Smashwords ( And guess what?! If you purchase her book, email a copy of your receipt to Emily ( and she’ll personally send you a signed bookmark as a thank you (she’s the sweetest)! Act fast though, this discount expires in one week on 3/24/14.

And for our Chicago readers, if you love her book as much as we do, Emily has graciously offered to host cocktails at her loft to discuss the book and also drink and hang out with us (and see the infamous penny floor). If this is something you’re interested in please email us at so we can work out all the details with you and Emily.

Don’t eightysix Emily’s book before you read it ;). And make sure you follow the amazingly talented and gorgeous Emily on instagram & twitter @emilybelden and become a fan of hers on facebook. Both myself & Katie already are!

Enjoy your week!


Brittani and Katie

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