March 10, 2014

Italian Leather & Lace

While in Italy, I stumbled (and by stumbled I mean I strategically planned) to somehow end up at a leather market. I fully didn't plan on actually buying anything because I just wanted to admire some of the beautiful fine leather than can come from there. However, I walked away with two purses and a belt for Ryan...oops. Sometimes when you find that timeless piece that you know will never come about again, you just have to go for it! Here I featured my naturally dyed cross over bag. It has an authentic vibrant orange color with black contrast that enriches any outfit. To me, it encompassed what Italian fashion and accessories were all about, chic but classic. I also found this lace tank, that I loosely tied across a black maxi dress, in a the same market. It was safe to say I was more than thrilled at the successful shopping day I had. One of a kind pieces such as these help keep great memories for your every day.

Have a fabulous week!

Xx Katie

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