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September 4, 2014

Blohaute Flatiron Beach Waves + Headband or French Braid Middle Part Hair Tutorial

Happy Thursday loves! We have teamed up with the amazing website/app Blohaute that provides blow outs on demand! Seriously such a genius idea! Everyone loves some good beach babe hair and one way to accomplish this look is with your straightener. A lot of people struggle with it so the owner of Blohaute, Amanda, has shown us, and now you, how to get this look! To give that extra something to your beach waves she also instructs us how to style a headband with them or give yourself a fun french braid middle part as shown below:

Let's get started!

What you need:

Blow dryer
Round Brush
Flat iron/straightener 
Texture spray (we used and love Fave4 texture takeover thanks to Amanda's advice)
Workable Wear Hairspray (we used and love Fave4 thanks to Amanda)
Hair clips 

Flat Iron Beach Waves

Step 1: Shower and blow dry your hair. We used a round brush to do this. The best way to ensure your hair is perfectly dry is to blow it out in layers

Step 2: Clip up most of your hair leaving one layer down. 

Step 3: Grab about 1 inch worth of hair that is down. Take your straightener and clamp it down around that hair. When running the straightener through your hair make sure you hold the flatiron vertically and turn it away from your face, giving it enough tension so it creates a curl! Do NOT continuously have the straightener turning. Amanda's best advice is to pretend you are curling a piece of ribbon with scissors.

Step 4: After you are done with the hair that is not in the clip, release your hair in the clip. Re-clip your hair leaving more pieces to curl down

Step 5: Repeat step 3 until all of that hair is curled

Step 6: Release your remaining hair from the clips and repeat step 3 on the rest of your hair

Step 7: Spray your hair with your texture takeover spray. Make sure you get the texture spray all over. Even flip your head upside down and spray the texture spray in your hair.

Headband Hairstyle

Step 1: Place the headband of your choice around the crown of your head. Our Pink Pewter headbands work perfectly and can be found in our Shop!

Step 2: Start at one end and feed strands of hair through the back of the headband to create a wrap around the back of it

Step 3: Feed strands of hair through the back of the headband from the other side to create a warp around the back of the headband

When you are done it should look like this:



French Braid Middle Part Half

Step 1: grab 3 pieces of hair at the front of your head and start a regular braid

Step 2: As you continue to braid your hair start adding more hair to each strand being used to braid

Step 3: When you get to the back of the top of your head STOP and put the rest of the hair from the french braid in a ponytail

Step 4: Take some hair and wrap it around the pony tail to hide it. Use bobby pins to secure that hair in place

Step 5: Spray it with some workable wear spray and you're ready to go and it should look like this:

Hope these tutorials helped you out! Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn how to get beach waves with a curling wand and how to do a waterfall braid with the help of Blohaute! Make sure to check out Blohaute to get an demand blow out salon at your door and follow Blohaute on pinterest, twitterFacebook and instagram for super fun hair inspo! Also, they have an AMAZING deal on gilt city right now, $29 for one blowout or $99 for a package a 4, such a steal! Get yours while you still can :).

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