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November 5, 2014

Clip In Hair Extension Tutorial With Blohaute

Happy Hump Day babes! If you follow us on instagram (@pleasantlypetite) you've probably seen me wearing my Bellami clip-in hair extensions. Well I always felt like I was never putting them in or styling them right so the amazing babes at Blohaute graciously helped me learn while providing a tutorial for you as well! Clip-ins are amazing because you can go from this:

to this:

So, here's how to get your clip-ins just right and styled to perfection (thanks to Blohaute)!

STEP 1: Separate your hair so a small layer of it is not clipped up. Spray it with Fave4 workable wear spray.

STEP 2: Tease the roots of your hair a little bit in order for the clips to have something to grab onto. 

STEP 3: Clip in your first weft of extensions from one end of your hair to the other

STEP 4: Bring a small section of your hair down and again spray it with Fave4 workable wear spray

STEP 5: tease the roots of your hair

STEP 6: Clip in your wefts from one side of your head to the other. 

STEP 7: continue to repeat steps 1 through 6 until all your wefts have been placed in your head

NOTE: when you are teasing your roots, the teased part should look like what is pictured above

STEP 8: Start styling your hair, when you are curling it, make sure that you are grabbing your natural hair with the hair from the clip-ins and curl them together. This will make sure the extensions are blending in well. 

When curling your hair make sure that you are wrapping the hair around your wand/iron away from your face

STEP 9: Use a soft bristled brush to gently comb out the curls you have made to give them a tousled look and continue to blend your natural hair with the clip-ins. 

And voila you're done and you have fabulous long locks that looks as natural as ever!

Special thanks to Amanda, the beautiful founder & master stylist of Blohaute, for doing an amaze-balls jobs putting in my clip-in extensions and one of her amazing & talented stylists Amanda (yes they have the same name) for creating gorgeous curls after the clip-ins were in! If you are in Chicago be sure to check out Blohaute, the best app that brings the stylist to your home to give you super awesome blowouts as if you went to the salon! 

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*Blohaute provided its services in exchange for this post, all thoughts an opinions expressed are our own* 

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