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November 13, 2014

Gettin' Dirty with Frank Body Scrub

Do you like smelling delicious, having refreshing silky skin and feeling energized? If so, meet my Aussie man, Frank. He takes shower's with me on a weekly basis (shhh don't tell Ryan) and has completely changed my skin care game. I first came across Frank while researching ways to tackle my dry and cracking skin, no thanks to colder weather, and was thrilled when google threw him my way as a suggestion. After I received my three precious paper bags full of Frank in the mail, (FYI he comes in three different varieties: Original, Coconut & Grapeseed and Cacao) I wasn't completely sold right away. At first glance, he looks like part of my morning breakfast, isn't coffee for drinking? But I always opt to try anything once; after my first application I was hooked! Never jude a book by its cover, from just one week of using the original scrub, I can honestly say I feel and see a difference in my skin. It is more toned, soft and has even taken care of some blemishes. 

My routine is as follows: Step in shower, rinse off, apply Frank EVERYWHERE, then hangout for a bit (like 5 minutes) before washing him off. After that I go along with my normal shower and love the effects I feel once I'm done. However, be warned, he is a stereotypical guy, super messy - I suggest picking a certain section of the shower, applying him in small circular motions and washing off one body part at a time. I'm trying to get it down exactly right so that I don't walk out of the shower leaving behind a coffee scrub explosion to clean up afterwards, but I haven't mastered that art yet. On the plus side, my bathroom smells amazing!

All in all, Frank is a really great guy. He keeps my skin feeling healthy and happy; these winter months will be a whole lot easier for me. If you would like your own Frank (he tends to get around) you can snag him on his website HERE. Or if you just want to see what he's up to, he frequents Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pretty regularly.  

Also, selfies with Frank and pretty awesome...
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*We were gifted Frank Body Scrub and all thoughts and opinions are of our own. 

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