March 31, 2015

Dry Shampoo Basics

Dry Shampoo

A little confession to make: I hate washing my hair. Although I love the feeling of freshly done hair - it is such a chore sometimes that I dread my beloved shower time. This is where dry shampoo comes in as my saving grace. I was a bit skeptical after hearing about white leftover residue and static looking hair, however after one time using the above brand Alterna, all doubts were subdued. It has to be my favorite one with it's amazing tropical scent, but all of the above brands work just the same in their own ways. All of these are budget friendly and won't break the bank - especially when you only really need a fresh sprays a week. If you looking for something to help enhance your color as well, Bumble and Bumble's hair powder comes in different shades to help match your hair color and cover up dull spots for an extra refresher.  Dry Shampoo is definitely something try if you find yourself short on time getting ready or want to skip a few hair washes for healthier hair. 
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March 30, 2015

Designer Crush: Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Happy monday all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today's post is all about my new girl crush: Spell & The Gypsy Collective! I recently discovered them while browsing the new arrivals on one of my favorite online stores, Revolve Clothing and I totally started crushing on them! They're an Australian based company and bring out your inner boho beach gypsy goddess. Here are some of their pieces I'm crushing hard on! Have a great week :).

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*I do not take credit for these images, they are credited to Spell & The Gypsy Collective's website*

March 27, 2015

Cruise Outfits

Happy Friday! Today's outfit posts is a little different. If you've been following us you know that I recently got back from a caribbean cruise with my boyfriend. I planned on taking outfit photos each night but of course that didn't work out well. We did take a ton of the professional pictures most nights and they had us each take some individual shots so I figured I'd some some of my outfits by sharing those pictures and my one mirror selfie I took while Matt was getting ready! So here are some of the outfits I wore:

Welcome Aboard:

This what I wore when we boarded the ship and unpacked our bags in our stateroom before changing into a bikini and heading to the pool!

Casual Dinner Night 1:

Since it was the first night and we were meeting our table mates at dinner for the first time I figured this crop top and high waisted floral shorts with some gladiator sandals was perfect!

Formal Dinner Night 2:

I picked up this gorgeous little black dress with white detailing from Guess right before heading to Florida and I'm so happy I found it!

Casual Dinner Night 3:

I know you can't see my full outfit in this, we ran a little late to dinner so we tried to catch the photographers before they closed after we were done. But I love this little black romper and I paired it with a great pair of wedges!

Smart Casual Dinner Night 4:

My new favorite dress! The one outfit I actually got outfit shots of, if you missed the full post you can see it here!

Formal Dinner Night 5:

This night might have been my favorite photo-shoot Matt and I took together, they had super awesome props and backdrops so we definitely had fun with these! For this formal night I had on a BCBG peplum back dress that you can never go wrong with

For the last night of the cruise they don't have the photographers out so I don't have a photo of that dinner. I hope you enjoyed the small glimpse at my outfits from the cruise! Enjoy your weekend!

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March 26, 2015

Denim Trends We Love

Denim may be one of the most versatile textures in fashion. It's easy to dress it up, make it casual or lounge around the house in. It's also easy to mix and match and pair with other patterns and textiles. Pair destroyed denim with a crisp white shirt, or style a denim on denim with different shades. Even a monochromatic denim look can look empowering - Don't be afraid to try it! Here are some denim combos we love and love styling.
Destroyed Denim

Denim x Denim

White Denim

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March 25, 2015

Currently Craving: Boho Rompers


Lovers + Friends // Revolve Clothing //  Racerback Romper // X Revolve Vision Playsuit // MINKPINK Space Cowboy Romper // Crochet Trim Wrap Romper

Along with looking forward to warmer weather and summer days, I'm especially looing forward to wearing (or living) in rompers. I love the laid-back/fresh feel a Boho romper gives for summer style and the above are just a few that I think really capture that essence. I've been browsing Revolve Clothing on repeat and will definitely be making some moves to bring at least one of these rompers to my closet.

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March 24, 2015

Chicago's Best Brunch Spots

So one of my favorite things may be brunch! I mean come one, mimosas, bloody mary's and great food, what could be better?! Whether you live in Chicago and looking for a new brunch spot or just visiting and wondering where to go, look no further I have the best brunch spots for you right here!

I | O Urban Roofscape at the Godfrey – If you’re looking for brunch with a view, then this is the place to be! This rooftop spot overlooks the city and the skyline view is gorgeous. The best part is the retractable all glass roof that’s kept open on warm summer days but closes during the cold winter while keeping the view unobstructed. My favorite part of brunch here is their menu is all small bites. The steak benedict and brioche sticks (basically French toast sticks) are my go to choices paired with a mimosa or bloody mary!

Sunda – I have three words for you: Tempura French Toast. The only way to describe this dish is to die for. Seriously. This amazing creation is not the only amazing thing on their menu. Don’t let the fact that this is considered a new Asian menu; make sure to be adventurous when deciding what to order because they know how to do brunch right. Especially with their mimosa kits and bloody mary carts. A must try in my book!  

Summer House Santa Monica – Brunching here is like brunching in sunny Santa Monica without having to pay for a flight to LA! The vibe there is totally California and they even have a countdown to summer hanging on the wall. The roof is glass and lets the sunshine in and even retracts so they open it up on the warmer days to let fresh air in. From their fresh squeezed orange juice and healthier menu options to the classic brunch favorites, their menu doesn’t disappoint!

Wildberry – When it comes to the perfect family place to go to brunch, Wilberry is the place to go. But if you’re going you better make sure you have plenty of time to wait. They don’t take reservations in advance and sometimes the wait can be up to 2 hours long. But I promise you that it is worth the wait!

Zella – All you can drink mimosas, Bloody Mary’s or Mille Lite and Coors Light plus a brunch entrée for $28?! Yes please! This Lincoln Park spot is a favorite of mine, especially in the warmer weather. Their outdoor patio is always packed but if you aren’t there early enough to get a spot outside there are plenty of tables inside to snag as well. The DJ plays great music to listen to while you’re brunchin and the all you can drink deal is well worth it.

Flo – Sweet tooth friends this place is for you! Their fruity pebbles French toast is one of their best dishes but the goodness doesn’t stop there. They have everything a typical brunch menu has to offer and those options also come with fun little twists that your taste buds will thank you for later (like their bacon-chocolate pancakes)!

Kanela Breakfast Club – Probably one of the most instagrammed brunch spots in Chicago, this restaurant uses only organic ingredients from local spots. They use their Greek heritage to influence their menu and the outcome is mouthwateringly delicious. Don’t believe me, just check out their instagram and tell me that your mouth doesn’t water just by looking at the pictures of their food! They have 3 locations open right now and are about to open a 4th in the near future.

Over Easy – This place puts a nice little twist on brunch. Their menu for Sunday Brunch changes weekly and they offer complimentary coffee while you wait for a table! On top of their Sunday brunch menu they also offer their regular breakfast menu like their Sassy eggs. If you like spice the sassy eggs are must try for you! Eggs benedict, one of my favorite classic brunch entrees, is only offered on Sundays so be sure to check out their brunch menu to see what kind of benedict is being offered that week. I love that they a constantly changing their brunch menu because it offers variety to change up your typical order while still enjoying great food.

Meli Café – Here they make their own freshly baked Challah bread, and I promise you there is nothing like tbeir freshly made Challah French toast no matter how you order it! Also, their nutella crepes are delish! Their menu options are huge so you will have no issue finding something to order from their menu!

Orange Restaurant – Pancake flights. Need I say more? Every week their chef picks a theme and offers four stacks of different pancakes that match that theme. You won’t know what the pancake flight of the week will be until it’s posted on Saturday morning with their special of the week! They also offer other amazing and delicious options on their menu but I definitely recommend being daring and trying out their pancake flight of the week for a switch up in your normal brunch go-to!

Enjoy your brunches!
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March 23, 2015

Pleasantly Pinning: Patterns & Prints for the Home

Today is all about patterns and prints that I love. It's been a little tough to pick one color scheme for my new digs, so I've been collecting ones I think will work well together to place them into the home in a cohesive way. I may be in a springtime mood, hence the vibrancy of the patterns above but I feel that a home without color is just drab. I've decided on using a bright base of white with added color pops and prints to liven up the space to achieve a perfect balance. Below are some ways I plan on carrying out my ideas via my Pinterest surfing obsession:
Accent pillows in a graphic print

Pop of color flower arraignment

Metallic wall decals

Subtle hints of black and white pattern

Greenery to add life to a space
Follow more of my décor pinning for my new apartment here. 
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March 20, 2015

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

If you've been following us for a while you know that I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend Matt who lives in New York and Katie used to be in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. A lot of people don't believe in LDR's and don't understand why people would be in one. I used to be one of them until Matt came along! I've decided to write a guide to help those in an LDR or possibly considering one in the future survive the relationship!

1. Lots of video chats!

FaceTime has basically been our best friend. We make it a point to FaceTime every night before we go to bed in order to talk about our days and say good night to each other! Even if its just for a minute its always nice to see each others face and hear each others voice. Whether you use FaceTime, Skype, etc. always find a way to video chat because making time to "see" each other is important!

2. Communication is key!

I know this goes for any relationship you are in but it is extra important in an LDR. When the majority of the way you get to talk to them during the week days when you're at work or busy is through texting it is easy to misconstrue what is being said. Tell them how you're feeling, even if you're worried how they'll respond. If you don't communicate with them, when you do see each other there will be awkward tension and you won't enjoy the little time you have together. Also, talk like you aren't hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. Talk about your day, be silly, make jokes etc. It makes things easier!

3. Be your own person, live your life!

Don't sit at home on your couch being a bum and doing nothing. Go out with your friends, go to happy hour, go to dinner, go shopping, do something! Don't just sulk that you aren't with your significant other. I promise it is okay to have fun and live a normal life!

4. Always let them know you're thinking of them!

It is easy to feel like you're being forgotten when you can't physically be with someone whenever you want. Let them know they are on your mind. Whether it be a random text message, a card in the mail, or like my boyfriend did in the photo above, send me a virtual dove chocolate message, do it. Your significant other will light up knowing that you're thinking of them!

5. Make plans to see each other!

Whether you're a plane ride, a train ride or a car ride a way from each other have a plan. Matt and I make it a point to not leave each other without having our next flights booked. It gives you something to look forward to and you aren't leaving each other not knowing when you'll see each other again. We make countdowns on our phones to remind us how many days are left until our next visit!

6. Celebrate holiday's together!

It's okay to celebrate these things. Celebrate things like Valentine's day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. Just because you can't see each other every day does not mean you can't be together to celebrate the holidays. Work it into your travel plan!

7.  Have date nights!

I know you become good friends with your significant others friends and want to see them when you visit each other. That's totally okay! But it is also important to spend some alone time together and go out on those dates. You'll appreciate these date nights much more and the time spent on them since they are fewer and further between!

8. Ignore the haters!

Listen, I've heard it all. You won't last, why would you do this, you're being stupid, he's definitely cheating on you, you have to be cheating on him, what a waste of time and money, I could go on forever. But in the wise words of Taylor Swift, the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. Let them hate! Don't be bothered by others opinion. Most people don't support these kind of relationships, they'll discourage you, try and talk you out of it, and/or hate on it. Let them have their opinion but don't take it personally. They aren't in the relationship, you are! You know how you feel about your significant other and you agreed to do this so do what you want!

9. It's not forever!

Always know that the distance will not be forever! Before we decided to do long distance Matt and I sat down and discussed what we wanted out of our own lives, where we saw ourselves living and how long until we got to that point. This may not be the most comfortable conversation to have but it is very VERY necessary. You don't want to be in the relationship never knowing when the distance will end or if you want to end up in the same city!

10. Trust in each other!

Just like trust is important in any relationship, it is a pivotal part of an LDR. If you are sitting there wondering what your significant other is doing, who they're talking to, etc. you will drive yourself insane! Texting them every 30 seconds and expecting a response is not reasonable either, clingy isn't pretty. Trust they want to be with you and only you and don't worry about what they are up to every second of every day! When I asked Matt if he had any advice for you all he said trust is the most important thing so trust them!

I hope this advice helps you! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Both Katie and myself love giving advice on this subject and are firm believers that it is possible to survive an LDR (Katie did!). Have a great weekend all!

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