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May 5, 2015

Matcha Tea Craze

Has anyone else been introduced to matcha tea and are now as deliciously addicted as me? My co-worker convinced me to try this delightful tea drink at Starbucks a few weeks back and now I find myself ordering it every time! You may have come across the same Elite Daily article she did, which explains that you can order a venti ice water with two scoops of matcha tea for only 89 cents at Starbucks, and it's true! Some locations will give this to you. However, I was looking for a more in depth view on this tea so I headed to David's Tea to get the low down. I had heard about some of its health benefits but here's really how you should order your matcha tea and what it can do for you:
If this is the first time your hearing the word "matcha" it is in the green tea family and is finely ground up into a powder so that you drink the tea leaves in their entirety - rather than steep them from a bag. Drinking the leaves gives you every nutrient green tea has rather than having some getting stuck in a steeping bag. is known for having a huge burst of antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll, and essential vitamins. It is also what gives the drink is deep green hue.   
Benefits from these factors include increased concentration, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, boost metabolism and detoxifies. From my own experience I do feel more relaxed than when I drink coffee and  I like the sweet almost melon like taste.

Matcha tea is best in a latté with soy milk. Using soy allows you to get the most nutrients out of the tea leaves because there is no fat soluble to interact as with real milk. However, if soy really isn't your thing, real milk is totally fine - David's tea recommends skim or 2%. If latté's aren't your thing either, matcha is great as a hot or iced tea with water as well (I've had both!). I also recommend putting agave to your drink as matcha can be bitter tasting. one teaspoon usually does the trick but it is your preference.  
David's tea also has an aray of matcha tea flavors and grades. My favorite so far has been the vanilla matcha flavor and the Grand Cru grade of matcha. Grades are distinguished by the fine/cream texture of the powder. Their highest grades are ceremonial and Grand Cru.  
Matcha on peeps!
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*Opinions are of our own and details of David's Tea are not medically endorsed.

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