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February 5, 2016

Valentines Day Together

Ladies, I know we sometimes tend to make Valentines Day all about us, but if there's something I've learned in my six years of being with Ryan, it's that we always have a better time when we plan things together and for each other. Being in a long distance relationship in the past, it was hard for us to plan anything to do together, and the extent of our Valentines day was me waiting for his FaceTime and for flowers to arrive at my door. However, now that those days are long over, we really like to take the time to appreciate being together and try to make the day about our relationship.

If you're in a relationship, seeing someone or even just having fun, we feel the day should be all about how you show someone you care. It's a great feeling to treat the person you're with, rather than spend all of your time leaving hints for what you want or waiting patiently for your flowers to be delivered. I've come up with some special ways we like to spend our day and how you can use them to show your special someone just how much they mean to you this year.

Make Dinner Together

This is Ryan and my favorite thing to do together, it being Valentines Day or not. This is something we really bond over while doing and being at home takes a lot of pressure off of the night. It can be fun to see what you can create together or, if it doesn't work out, it makes for a great funny story and take out is always open! Some of our favorite recipes include Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Spaghetti Alla Siciliana, and Coq Au Chardonnay.

Take a Walk

Sometimes doing extremely mundane things that you would otherwise not have time for or think about doing like taking a walk are a great way to spend time with the person you're with. If it's not too cold where you are (or even if it is bundle up!) it can be nice to get away and talk and really be able to listen to someone.

Do something You've never done before

Trying new things can be exciting and help break both of you out of your routine. Maybe you've never been mini golfing, or go cart racing, these activities are both fun and bring you back to a time when things were carefree and fun. Doing new things with the person you're with help you both grow and learn new things about each other. In Chicago, I really like WhirlyBall - it's like a grown up version of a playground!

And if you're into showing someone you care with a little something here is my guy gift guide:

mens gifts Vday

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