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June 13, 2016

Customize your roots

There are only a few things I have no problem splurging on great quality products for: Shoes, skincare, and haircare. So when I found out about *Function of Beauty's customized shampoo and conditioner line, I couldn't wait to try it. At only $26 for a set oz 8oz and $38 for a set of 16 oz - I'd say they're a steal without worrying about a loss of quality.

In the past, I've tended to turn to store brand for shampoo and conditioner, but have recently tried to find a more quality product. With Function of Beauty's unique formula made specifically for you, I doubt you can find anything better, especially when their ingredients are  99% natural, 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan.

They start with your hair profile where they customize everything down to the scent of your set.

With most shampoos only targeting one trouble area for my hair, I found it amazing to be able to pick the exact needs I wanted to have in a shampoo and conditioner. Being as indecisive that I am, I chose options that I thought would work best for me, however the great thing about this hair profile is that that allow you to tweak it as much as you want. I've found that what I've chosen works great for now, but, if down the road, I decide I need something different, it's great to have that option.

The customization doesn't stop there, you can choose your color and scent, because we all know that is almost as important as the ingredients themselves. I chose the White tea jasmine as I love fresh herbal scents, but they have enough options to choose from for anyone's taste.

Don't hesitate to give this a try for yourself - You can start filling out your hair profile here today and have your product as soon as next week. I would love to hear about your experience with this product in the comments below!
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*These Products were reviewed in collaboration with the Function of Beauty brand and all opinions are my own. 

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