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October 20, 2016

Defining your Small Space

When I first moved into my apartment, I knew I wanted to keep it three simple with bright white tones, clean lines and pops of color and greenery. I always felt that your personal space should be a reflection of you but always a mini oasis that kept you calm, cool and collected. Living in a studio limited my furniture intake, however I knew I wanted a multi purpose living room and entertainment center.
I have three little tips to achieving the perfect well rounded living space in a studio (you since your bed is most likely next to your couch or kitchen)

Define the Spaces:
The key in studio apartment living is defining your separate spaces without having definitive walls. Since I don't have many, I utilized the wall space I do have with the use of hanging shelves, mirrors and photos. Mirrors also really help to open up a small space. See my favorite wall shelves and mirrors below:

Add Greenery:
I vowed to allow greenery into my space. There's something about bringing the outside inside that provides tranquility. However, I don't trust myself yet to keep a ton of live plants, so I made it my mission to find very realistic looking plants. Since my place is small I opted for smaller plants of different size for variety. Below are some of my favorite picks:

Outline your Spaces:
Since I don't have walls, but a single room to work with, I had to define my space in my own way. Dividers are a great way to do this (see some below!) however I liked to invisibly separate my space by positioning furniture together as you walk through the room: first comes my kitchen, then couch and entertainment center, then my bar cart and sitting chair an then my bed. This helps you walk through the spaces without having everything on top of each other.

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